E-commerce Application Based on Visual Cryptography and Chenís Hyperchaotic

  • Hala Bahjat Abdul Wahab Department of Computer Science, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Thikra M. Abed Department of Computer Science, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: E-commerce, Visual Cryptography, Chenís hyper-chaotic, DNA computing, Runge-Kutta method


   This paper proposed to build an authentication system between business partners on e-commerce application to prevent the frauds operations based on visual cryptography shares encapsulated by chens hyperchaotic key sequence. The proposed system consist of three phases, the first phase based on the color visual cryptography without complex computations, the second phase included generate sequence of DNA rules numbers and finally encapsulation phase is implemented based on use the unique initial value that generate in second phase as initial condition with Piecewise Linear Chaotic Maps to generate sequences of DNA rules numbers. The experimental results demonstrate the proposed able to overcome on cheating attacks, exhaustive attack, and resistant the statistical attack.

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Abdul WahabH. B., & AbedT. M. (2018). Iraqi Journal of Science, 59(1C), 617-628. Retrieved from http://scbaghdad.edu.iq/eijs/index.php/eijs/article/view/241
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