Assessment of ISNAG fluorimeter (Total fluorescence measurements at+ 90 & - 90 using four solar cell on each side for 100mm distance at 2mm path length) with well-known fluorescent molecules via CFIA

  • Nagam S. Turkie Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Hayder Q. Munshid Department of Pharmacy, Al-esraa University College, Baghdad, Iraq.
Keywords: Fluorescein sodium salt, 2,7-Dichlorofluorescein, Flow injection analysis, Fluorescence


Two well-known fluorescent molecules: fluorescein sodium salt (FSS) and 2,7-dichloro fluorescein (DCF) were tried to prove the efficiency, trustability and repeatability of ISNAG fluorimeter by using discrete and continuous flow injection analysis modes.A linear range of 0.002-1 mmol/L for FSS and 0.003-0.7 mmol/L was for DCF, with LOD 0.0018 mmol/L and 0.002 mmol/L for FSS and DCF respectively, were obtained for discrete mode of analysis. While the continuous mode gave a linear range of 0.002-0.7 mmol/L and 0.003-0.5 mmol/L for FSS and DCF respectively, the LOD were 0.0016mmol/L and 0.0018 mmol/L for FSS and DCF respectively. The results were compared with classical method at variable ?ex for both fluorescent molecules at 95% confidence level. The comparison data shows that ISNAG fluorimeter is the choice with excellent extended detection and a wider applicability.

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