Medical Image Enhancement to Extract Brain Tumors from CT and MRI images

  • Hadeel Moutaz Al-Dabbas 1Department of Applied Mathematics, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Ameer Hussian Morad Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Al - Khwarizmi College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Image Enhancing, Preprocessing, Segmentation, Median filter, Slantlet Filter, K-mean


     Always MRI and CT Medical images are noisy so that preprocessing is necessary for enhance these images to assist clinicians and make accurate diagnosis. Firstly, in the proposed method uses two denoising filters (Median and Slantlet) are applied to images in parallel and the best enhanced image gained from both filters is voted by use PSNR and MSE as image quality measurements. Next, extraction of brain tumor from cleaned images is done by segmentation method based on k-mean.  The result shows that the proposed method is giving an optimal solution due to denoising method which is based on multiple filter types to obtain best clear images and that is leads to make the extraction of tumor more precision best.

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