New issue (3A) No. (58) - 2017


The Editorial Board of Iraqi J. of College of Science has released the New Volume (3A) No.58 (2017) according to the dates of its issuing program this volume contains (20) research in various science fields distributed as follows:

  • 2 at Biology Department
  • 3 at Physics Department
  • 5 at Geology Department
  • 1 at Mathematics Department
  • 3 at Computer Science Department
  • 3 at Astronomy& Space Department
  • 3 at Remote Sensing Unit

Iraqi J. Of Science is a seasonal refereed academic journal, aims to publish the trusted scientific research at applied and pure sciences that match the college of science specializations as follows: Applied and Pure physics, Mathematics, Commuter Science, Chemistry, Biological Technologies, Tropical Zones Research, Geology, Physics, Remote Sensing, Astronomy & Space. Copies of this publication are available electronically on Site of Iraqi J. of Science:

 and on the Site of Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals

Noting that we call on all the teaching staff and searchers to receive a copy of the above mentioned volume from the J. secretariat office.